Infrastructure & Services



  • In house coil design and fixture making tool room facility.
  • In house training for special process operators, 5S and housekeeping etc.,
  • Factory building 9500Sq.Ft. in 18000 Sq.Ft. land.
  • 300KW – LT power connection.
  • Stand by generator.


  • We undertake induction Hardening (Heat treatment) of metal components any volume and any shape.
  • Sprockets, Pullies, Gears etc., up to 4 Meter dia. Rollers , Shafts etc., upto  3 Tons weight 5 meters Length , we do Induction Hardening for companies such as Iron & Steel Industries, Ship services, Earth movers and machine builders etc., besides all OEM of Automotive Industries in this region.
  • 15KW to 250 KW machines medium frequency and high frequency total 14 Machines working with us.


  • SGS is committed to manufacture and supply products of superior quality that satisfy customer needs consistently by way of strict conformance to specifications at agreed price and meeting the delivery schedules on time.